Comfort Perfume Deluxe Range

The challenge

First launched in 1969, Comfort was the first ever fabric conditioner launched in the UK and Ireland and it remains market leader today. The market for fabric conditioners and softeners continues to grow, boosted by a rising consumer preference for premium quality clothes.

Consumer insights indicated that fragrance is incredibly important to consumers and the global fragrances and perfumes market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% over the next 5 years. Consumers also care about the way their fabrics smell; it is perceived as an extension of themselves in the same way a perfume is.

Taking inspiration from trends in fine fragrance, Comfort saw an opportunity to introduce a premium range of fabric conditioners called the Perfume Deluxe range, designed to take fabric conditioning beyond traditional laundry and bring luxurious perfumes to clothes, with the proposition, ‘Perfume for your Clothes’. As leading innovators, Comfort teamed up with world-renowned perfumiers to create a range that could offer consumers a sophisticated, long-lasting fragrance. Three unique fragrances were developed: Heavenly Nectar, Luscious Bouquet and Lavish Blossom.  Ireland was the first European territory to launch this new product.

The work

The marketing team were clear in their ambitions for this launch and encouraged us to push the boundaries of traditional shopper marketing as much as necessary. This was a high-profile launch supported by a multimillion-euro campaign across TV and outdoor channels. We needed to deliver an engaging 360 ° BTL campaign targeting all consumer touchpoints as well as targeted shopper marketing that would bring the perfumeries of Paris instore and to the path to purchase.  It was essential to capture both the imagination and the senses of the shopper instore.

Emulating the sights and scents of a high-end perfumery, we created beautiful and highly unusual displays instore that acted as a presentation stage for the Comfort Perfume Deluxe range. Inspired by the Parisian perfumeries, the displays oozed luxury and engaged the senses with the sumptuous fragrances of the new product range. We introduced a scented element to the displays with aroma POS where consumers could sample the luxury scents on traditional perfume scent sticks.

The launch was further enhanced with the availability of a specially commissioned luxury candle that we sourced and designed for the brand. The beautiful candle was offered as a launch PR gift for trade with the option of launching as a product in its own right. In addition to the BTL campaign, we also delivered accompanying OOH and digital assets for the launch.


The impact

Comfort Perfume was a huge success and further cemented the brand's market leading position. We were allowed to create theatrical displays at aisle-end and other fixtures with visuals and scented POS at various shopper touchpoints.

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