Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard) The Barrelmen Rewards Programme

The challenge

Irish Distillers has a truly remarkable culture dating back to 1780, recognising and encouraging
entrepreneurship, creativity and professional development for all employees. Generations of family members have helped build the business into an Irish success story and today, Jameson is the world’s fastest growing Irish whiskey brand.

This sense of family and heritage still shapes the company culture and values today. Given the rapid expansion in the business and the diverse nature of staff (across manufacturing, office, tourism / hospitality), Irish Distillers wanted to ensure that employees across the entire organisation would continue to bring these company values to life every day. Our task was to capture the inner spirit that embodies the brand essence of Irish Distillers and to design an employee platform to support these unique behaviours and values, ensuring they could both survive and thrive across the business.


The work

Beginning with a deep dive process of discovery, a series of workshops, insight ideation and leadership sessions helped us define and build a cultural initiative for employees, where we identified and articulated the 3 core values of Real, Remarkable and Responsible.

A core objective was to facilitate the embedding of these company behaviours and values for employees. This was achieved through a unique and innovative peer to peer recognition programme called The Barrelmen Rewards. Our research had revealed that employees identified strongly with the well-known and original Barrelmen logo, developed for Irish Distillers in the 1920’s. This iconic logo is synonymous with the spirit of the organisation, and perfect to embody the ambition of the new rewards programme. The programme encourages employees to award points to colleagues in recognition of the quality of their work. Colleagues are nominated when acting in accordance with the core values, in a Real, Remarkable or Responsible way. Those nominated receive points that can be redeemed for a wide range of goods, vouchers or experiences.

The programme was designed for longevity with additional phases of activity to be rolled out at later stages, ensuring sustained interest and the evolution of the programme.

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