Lyons PersonaliTEA

The challenge

Lyons is Ireland's favourite tea brand and we have one of the highest consumption levels of tea in the world! As a nation we drink on average 4 cups a day and it's not surprising that Lyons is Ireland's favourite tea with over 900 million cups drunk a year. Most recently we were challenged to shift the dial and bring Lyons tea to a younger market with an innovative 360° personalisation tea campaign.

Our target 18- 34 year old consumers have a tight knit group of friends and enjoys the simple things in life like friends dropping in.


The work

During the research phase we realised a key insight – Tea is hugely personal. This tied into the personalisation ‘movement’ driven by Millennials keen on self-expression. We discovered that 42% of Millennials would pay extra to personalise products. Also 77% of consumers state they are more likely to build a relationship with brands that create personalised content. They associate tea with “having the chat” and prefer to drink it at home so they can make it “the way they like it.”

So, we created the perfect mug and allowed consumer the opportunity to personalise this mug and win their own free Lyons mug. The campaign was supported in-store, on-line and with a full shopper programme.


The impact

The campaign was a huge hit with retailers, we overachieved end aisle and special displays across the retail channels. The activation was a huge success and all 100,000 personalised mugs were quickly claimed and delivered to consumers. Brand scores rose over the subsequent research periods in the 18-34 demographic.

The proof

"We know how passionate tea drinkers are about how they make their tea. So, whether you dip your bag or let it soak, like one sugar or none, have it neat or with loads of milk, you can now have your cup of Lyons tea just the way you like it, even if you’re not the one making it!”

- Ann Marie Finucane, Lyons Brand Manager. 

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