The challenge

From global research, we knew that 65% of Ice cream sales are driven by visibility: reaching consumers on their path to purchase is key. However, the in-store reality is that the frozen food aisle can be a very cold, bleak and unexciting place. It’s full of hundreds of products, stacked behind glass doors that fog over every time they are opened. To break through these barriers, we needed to take Magnum Doubles to another level and to excite and delight prospective consumers. 

The Magnum shopper is an 18-35 year old female. She is a pleasure seeker with a fast-paced active lifestyle.  She seeks balance in her life: she will work out at the gym but that earns her treats which she wants to use wisely.  We wanted to ensure that Magnum continues to excite her and become her ‘Ultimate Indulgence’.  Magnum needed to help her ‘release her beast’.  Some very tough KPIs were in place – we needed to double the Magnum share in Tesco and increase the share in Supervalu by 15%. We decided to challenge consumers to ‘Release the Beast and Dare to go Double’.


The work

We developed a 3-pronged approach – Attract, Engage and Sell.  There was an unmissable outdoor advertising campaign that targeted the shopper along their path to purchase, where the creative imagery brought the TV assets to life and generated excitement for the consumer.  We created bespoke retailer activation plans to attract and drive engagement amongst the Magnum shoppers. Floor freezers in Dunnes Stores were converted into Magnum 3D boxes.  Visibility kits were installed across all retailers to really bring the campaign alive. We installed these Magnum visibility kits across 98 Dunnes Stores, 90 Tesco and 159 SuperValu stores. In some of the Supervalu stores, we also installed ‘Magnum Roar’ sound sensors into the bespoke floor freezers to disrupt the shopper on their path to purchase.  These activities were supported by in-store events and sampling activities, a digital media campaign and social media activities. 


The impact

The multi-disciplinary team campaign delivered really impressive results:

  • In Tesco during the activation period – sales went from 5.1% of all ice cream to a fantastic 18.1%: a 250% increase
  • In Supervalu, the target was to increase the share of Magnum during the activation period by 10%: sales actually increased from 18.5% to a whopping 31.8%

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