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The Key Collection

The challenge

The Key Collection ( brings together a unique set of hotels, apartments and guesthouses, each with its own distinctive character, in Dublin and London. Each property provides guests with a great place to stay in an outstanding central location.

Existing only online, this is a disruptive model in the hospitality sector.  We were challenged to develop a unique identity and positioning strategy that reflected this disruptive attitude and the growth ambitions of this challenger brand.

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The work

A deep, investigative brand process gave us clear direction for how to build this unique brand. Reflecting the disruptive nature of the business concept, The Key Collection identity is visually disruptive and uses design as an essential differentiator. Rooted in simplicity with just 3 core elements – the keyhole graphic, the tick mark and the colour palette – we proposed the idea of using the tick mark to indicate total attention to detail and used this shape as the foundation for all communications.

Design is key to their accommodation proposition so we utilised a colourful pattern of keyholes to make up the desired shape and indicate variety and scale. The use of a contemporary slab serif font compliments the brand marque, all of which was carefully defined with extensive brand guidelines for online and print applications.

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The impact

The final output was a vibrant new brand for an online hotel, guest-house and apartment rental property business group. Just 12 months post launch, the group reported an increase in overall sales and a growth in overall rooms sold.

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