The challenge

Vhi Healthcare is Ireland’s largest private healthcare provider, with over 1 million individual and group scheme customers. Designbank has partnered with Vhi Healthcare since 1989, providing strategic design services at every level across the organisation.

In the late 90’s, the healthcare market in Ireland was expanding with new suppliers and an explosion of services on offer. At the same time, customers were moving increasingly online and away from traditional face to face interactions.


The work

In 1999 Designbank redesigned the Vhi logo and corporate identity to support the brand in navigating this rapidly changing market. The new logotype was an evolution from the previous marque, designed to humanise the brand and work across new communications channels and a vast array of print and online communications. Working closely with the strategy team at Vhi, we introduced the suffix ‘Healthcare’ to help define the business and reposition it from an insurance company to a healthcare one.

Designbank continues to work with Vhi Healthcare, successfully evolving the identity over the years across corporate identity, brand extensions, customer literature, annual reports, internal communications, advertising for print, exhibitions and display, signage and conference materials.


The impact

VHI maintains its position as Ireland’s number 1 health insurance provider in a hugely competitive marketplace. The core identity has stood the test of time within an evolving business and remains one of Ireland’s most recognisable brand.

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