The challenge

WaterWipes were born of necessity: when Edward McCluskey’s baby daughter developed severe nappy rash, he discovered that all the existing wipes contained chemicals.  Rather than risk aggravating his daughter’s condition, he set about making the world’s purest baby wipe without using any chemicals.  The unique manufacturing process modifies the water molecules making them smaller for more effective cleaning and simply adding 0.01% of fruit extract.

When it came to re-launching the product in 2015, we were tasked with creating a brand that could confidently take on the market leading, multinational owned global brands.


The work

The client had created the perfect baby wipe and we needed a brand proposition that reflected both the purity of the product and the love behind its development.  We conducted an extensive competitor research project and although working with a limited budget, we knew our strategy had to be note perfect.

The identity we developed reflected the purity and delicacy the brand deserved but also clearly differentiated the product on-shelf. Brand guidelines ensured that at every touchpoint the brand would consistently speak of the trust and care that the brand delivers.   The colour palette, typeface and brand marks reflect the 99.9% water which infuses the wipes, making them the purest in the world. 


The impact

In 4 short years the brand has grown exponentially and is now sold in over 50 countries and commands a 25% category market share, making it the world’s market leading baby wipe.  All this was achieved without price discounting in a category that has become heavily commoditised.    The WaterWipes brand now employs 250 people in Ireland and has regional offices around the world.  As an innovator brand, the WaterWipes NPD pipeline is extensive and we look forward to bringing exciting brand extensions to life. 

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