Kinder Ice Cream Launch 2019

The challenge

The ice cream market in Ireland is mature and crowded, but is still considered to have growth potential, given the NPD sector is worth €12.5 million per annum. When Kinder – which is the No. 2 confectionery brand in Ireland - decided to enter this busy marketplace, they needed to attack the 2 key battlegrounds of the market (convenience and grocery) with a strong visual platform and a full 360degree campaign to support their 2019 launch. Designbank were a key element of this strategy where we delivered the essence of strategic marketing by design.


The work

The key to success for this extensive launch campaign was to establish a presence in the market early in the pre-ice cream season, securing listings and building displays with remarkably arresting creative focussing on the key product message of ‘enjoyment’. Starting from the fridge (the destination) and working back out through the store from there, we developed a range of communications delivering key messages throughout the customer journey, designed to stimulate interest and accelerate demand.

This was supported by an outdoor campaign which included traffic Adshel sites, digital towers and a heavy advertising presence in shopping centre locations.


The impact

Campaign results have been excellent to date: 6 weeks after launch Kinder had grabbed 8% of the total ice cream market in Ireland and within the first 8 weeks it was the No. 2 ice cream brand in convenience stores. The Kinder Cone product achieved a hugely impressive 90% distribution within the first 8 weeks. The Kinder ice cream brand continues to break records even after the peak ice cream season has passed and won an ECR Shopper Marketing Award for 2019.

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