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Persil - Wild Explorers - 360° Shopper POS Activation

The challenge

Unilever are experts in consumer understanding and are constantly adapting their promotion and marketing activities to remain in-sync with evolving consumer behaviour. We know the Persil shopper is increasingly digitally engaged, spending 25+ hours a week online as well as watching up to 11 hours of TV. They are constantly looking for innovation and unlikely to fall for traditional ‘hard-sell’ campaigns. At the same time, the laundry category – while a household essential – was commanding just 65 seconds of the total time spent instore.

Our challenge was to deliver a full 360° campaign that could reach consumers at multiple levels and consideration points – both on and offline. It had to support the UK and Ireland advertising campaign, ‘Dirt is Good’, which encouraged both adults and children to spend more time outdoors – driven by a further insight that within a single generation, the time that children spend playing outdoors has halved.


The work

The ‘Dirt is good’ campaign was working successfully above the line but it was essential to leverage the concept below the line to connect at a deeper level with consumers and drive a social step-change, by encouraging families to enjoy more time together outdoors.

This was an ambitious challenge. Working with extended cross-functional teams of internal and external personnel, we developed the Persil Wild Explorers campaign, designed to have a 3-fold impact on consumers: provoke a reaction, educate them and engage their attention over the 8 month period during which the campaign was live both instore and online. The shopper marketing campaign activities brought the campaign to life in-store and included shelf and end-of-aisle displays, on-pack offers, treasure hunts and ‘instant win’ activity packs. In-store activities were supported by TV, cinema and digital communications, with a focus on driving traffic to a specially created free Persil Wild Explorers app, encouraging family outdoor activities.

The campaign was well received by the trade and ran extensively across the island of Ireland, in 260 Supervalu, Tesco and Spar/EuroSpar stores.

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The impact

The results from the Persil Wild Explorers campaign were exceptional. The digital elements of the campaign were key to the overall success, with 105k app downloads, 440k views of the YouTube viral video and 948k views of campaign content on Facebook. Over 48k consumers engaged with online competitions and activities across the three retail partners.

Most importantly, the campaign delivered significant sales results. During the active in-store period, product sales increased by 25% in Tesco, 60% in Supervalu and 20% in Spar/Eurospar outlets. The Persil Wild Explorers Campaign was awarded an ECR Ireland Shopper Engagement Award in 2019.

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