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Seventh Generation: International Earth Day

The challenge

Established 30 years ago, Seventh Generation is an American company (now owned by Unilever) on a mission to transform the world into a healthy, equitable and sustainable place for the next seven generations. Producing a broad range of household cleaning and hygiene products, Seventh Generation embraces solutions like recycled materials and plant-based ingredients and have steadily blazed new ground through an unwavering commitment to transparency, environmental protection and social mission.

First established in 1970 Earth Day is a movement that motivates action for environmental preservation. Every year on April 22nd events are coordinated globally by the Earth Day network in more than 193 countries. Our task was to visualise the values of Seventh Generation to promote International Earth Day across key digital touchpoints for the Seventh Generation Professional ranges. 

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The work

Earth Day is a high-profile event across the globe, but can be very crowded with multiple brands and messages involved. We worked closely with both Unilever International and Seventh Generation marketing teams to develop campaign visuals and a lock-up device that would generate awareness around climate change for Earth Day in line with the established brand values.

We focussed on creating visually disruptive visuals and digital campaign graphics that could work through a variety of channels (mostly digital), including online banners, in-store displays, news features and PR. Over 30 unique elements were developed and rolled out in a consistent and timely manner, coinciding with North American celebrations for International Earth Day 2019.

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The impact

Following the success of the initial 2019 campaign, we were asked to further develop the campaign into a full e-commerce Professional Range retailer takeover for Staples and Amazon. Further campaigns followed for Earth Week and additional Seventh Generation Professional product ranges.

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